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* La Hacienda Real, 3690 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon

* La Hacienda Real, 475 Taggart Drive NW, Salem, Oregon

* La Hacienda Real, 5024 River Road N, Keizer, Oregon

* La Hacienda Real, 12025 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton, Oreg6

* Momiji Japanese Restaurant, 3411 Commercial Street SE,Salem, Oregon

* Emilio's Bakery, 3905 State Street, Salem, Oregon

* Los Arcos Mexican Grill, 4120 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon​

* Great Wall Buffet, 2875 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon

* China Buffet, 2407 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, Oregon

* Teriyaki Bento, 2295 Broadway Street NE, Salem, Oregon

* Golden Crown Restaurant, 365 Liberty Street NE, Salem, Oregon

* Padington's Pizza South, 5255 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon

* Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant, 1111 Edgewater Street NW, Salem, Oregon

* Mangiare Italian Restaurant, 114 S Main Street, Independence, Oregon 

* Tin Tin Buffet, 445 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, Oregon

* La Margarita, 545 Ferry Street SE, Salem, Oregon

I am a Trusted Independent Photographer (TIP) for Google Business View.   The title of TIP is one granted by Google, which certifies and accredits me to shoot for Google Business View.  Only a certified TIP can shoot and upload images to Google Business View.   You can verify my certification AND learn everything about Google Business View at:

The Google Business View website (and everyday living in this world) makes it immediately and obviously evident that more and more people are accessing their smartphones, tablets, and computers to search for information on businesses and services.  The days of looking in newspapers, or The Yellow Pages, or the absolute clutter of flyers, is coming to an end.  Today people search on Google and Google Maps.  And a lot of the information available on these search engines about business comes from Google Business View and Google Street View, which are now connected.  This provides your potential customer with the ability to take a virtual tour (a panoramic, interactive, 360-degree walk-through view) of your business' interior when searching on Google, Google Maps, and Google+ Local.
Potential clients will be able to virtually "walk" off  the street and "enter" your business, and "walk around" and interact with it like never before.  They will experience your business in a manner that is as close as it gets to actually being there.

This is an opportunity for you to showcase your business, in which you may have invested thousands of dollars in decor and ambiance, to all potential clients in your neighborhood, in your city, and yes, you will actually be showcasing it to the whole world.  It is Google, after all.

So, when they search, your (already existing) business' Google+ Local page can colorfully display three "windows" which the customer can click on:  
* The "window" titled "See Inside" will permit the customer to see (and "walk through") the interior of your business in a virtual tour.  
* The "window" titled "Street View" will permit the customer to see the street around your business.   (This "window" is already on your Google+ Local page.)
* The "window" titled "Photos" is very important too, as here your customers will be able to view professional, handsome Point of Interest (POI) shots of the business' storefront, details of its interior decor (and any exterior amenities if you have them).   There will also be photos of your business' details, such as your business card (and menu, and even your specialty dishes if your business is a restaurant), hours of operation, methods of payment, awards or articles, and any posted specials.  
Your Google+ Local page will also show your business' location on the map, relevant business information, and reviews by Google users.
All of this will give customers a good sense of the layout, decor and ambience of your business.  
AND, very important: not only will these images appear on Google, Google Maps, and Google+ Local, but you can attract even more potential customers by easily "lifting" and embedding the panoramic virtual tour and POI shots to your own website, social media pages, and more!  

Below are some of the businesses I have shot.  CLICKING on the name links you to Google Maps and their Google+ Page.  Then call me, for a free estimate on a Google Business View Session for your business.  And it too can be on Google, Google Maps, and Google+ forever!

Call today for a free estimate for a Google Business View session for your business.  

Publishing your business on Google Business View is a ONE-TIME charge, usually payable AFTER you see your business published. 

And your business will be on Google Maps,  Google searches, and Google+ forever!
* Da Vinci Ristorante and Wine Bar, 180 High Street SE, Salem, Oregon
* Orupa, 500 Liberty Street SE, Salem, Oregon
* Physiq Fitness, 4825 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon
* Kwan's Original Cuisine, 835 Commercial Street NE, Salem, Oregon
* Huntington Terrace, 1410 NE Cleveland Avenue, Gresham, Oregon
* French Press, 2725 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon
* Los Dos Amigos Hacienda, 3140 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, Oregon