Photography and Cinematography are my specialty, my passion.   

Professional, unique, passionate Photography & Cinematography are what I bring you through my company, Audacia Pictures.  

Not basic, not conventional.   
Photography and Cinematography with a unique look, class, chic.

Or you don't pay.

Whether shooting for commercial purposes, or 360 panorama virtual tours for Google Business View, or for an image bank, or when shooting a portrait-- Audacia Pictures definitely delivers.  

My work and your total satisfaction are 100% guaranteed, by a strong and proud twenty-five years experience and professional background in both photography and cinematography.  This, and my elements of care and specific planning have assured many clients to put their most important project, event, or memories, in the hands of this professional photographer/cinematographer.

My love for the craft means that big or small, your project will be received wholeheartedly.  Anywhere in the world, I will be there.

Audacia Pictures is also an Image Bank, with hundreds of images/situations from all over the world, readily available for commercial, corporate, or residential use.  

Take your Photography and Cinematography to a whole new level with Audacia Pictures.

You'll love the results!

"Buckingham Carriage"
Professional Commercial and Personal Photography & Cinematography 
" Met Arches"